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The key to managing a real estate-based business effectively is being able to move your equity around your portfolio to take advantage of new opportunities. That is exactly what stated income commercial real estate loans are built to help you achieve. Contact Bull Market Capital: Business Funding Solutions today to start an application or to get answers to your questions about these loans.

Stated Income Financing Solutions for Commercial Real Estate

How Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loans Help Businesses Grow

If your business relies on the management of a variety of properties, you know how important it can be to be able to meet all of the maintenance and upkeep needs that help your property reach its full earning potential. That can be hard to do sometimes, though. Traditional commercial real estate loans that are based on the market value of properties tend to limit the ways you can use funds, and that means that renovating or maintaining buildings that have yet to build up equity can be difficult.

That’s where stated income commercial real estate loans are built to be useful, though. Stated income loans allow you to perform a cash-out refinance when you need to, so you can either fund a new purchase, renovate a building, or use one successful building to renovate your new projects. This works because stated income loans are based on the building’s earning potential, which means the parameters of the loan are built to facilitate your use of the building as an income source instead of a facility for another company.

Program Parameters

When you work with Bull Market Capital: Business Funding Solutions, you can count on the following loan features:

  • Credit score of 600 or higher to qualify
  • Self-employment verification or W-2
  • Fixed rates and 25 year repayment terms
  • Large amounts approved
  • Up to 70% LTV for 1-4 unit residential properties (non-owner occupied)
  • Up to 75% LTV for 5+ unit multifamily buildings
  • Up to 65% for restaurants, storefronts, and other commercial properties

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