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Equipment Loans

Accessing the equipment you need to keep working is one of most critical aspects of keeping your operation growing steadily. When the time has come for you to invest in new vehicles, machines, or tools, the SBA offers its generous terms to your small business to help you access that equipment in a way that works for the growth of your business by letting you make a long-term investment with low monthly overhead.

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Small Business Loans For Your Business

SBA Loans Built to Help Your Business Grow

If you are currently looking for financing for your small business, chances are you already realize that the Small Business Administration’s programs offer some of the most generous terms and parameters you will find. Qualifying for those loans can be challenging, because there are limitations to the size and financial health of businesses that are granted loans, but working with a preferred provider like Bull Market Capital: Business Funding Solutions is a great way to make that process go more smoothly and to get answers to your questions along the way.

Commercial Real Estate

Companies looking to purchase facilities for their operation will find the SBA’s small business loan program ideally suited to that, but the Administration does require that a majority of the floor space be used by the company in question for its own operations. With that and other restrictions observed, favorable rates can be obtained to purchase

  • Restaurants
  • Gas stations
  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses and industrial properties
  • Auto dealerships and repair shops

Business Acquisition Loans

If you are looking to purchase an existing business, the Small Business Administration’s programs can help with that, too. Buying an existing business means that its financials will form the basis for the loan determination. It also means the company will be subject to the limitations that the program uses to define small businesses—To qualify for SBA loans, your business must be able to show an average net revenue that doesn’t exceed $5 million over the previous 2 years.

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