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To get started financing your company’s purchase orders, talk to one of our associates today. They are ready to help you with your application.

Purchase Order Financing For Your Business

Using Purchase Order Financing to Increase Market Share

When you are trying to help your company grow, you need to be able to reach to take on larger projects. This not only challenges your staff and infrastructure to improve, it gives you the opportunity to court larger clients and to make more profit. Sometimes, it can be difficult to commit to these projects because a lack of available startup funds. When that happens, using purchase order financing to bridge the gap is the perfect way to get your company working so you can fulfill your customers’ orders.

How It Works

When you finance your purchase orders, Bull Market Capital: Business Funding Solutions associates review their values and your customers’ credit to determine what kind of lump sum can be made available to you. After you receive the cash and fulfill the order, we collect payment, subtracting your original advance and our service fee.

Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

  • Increase your market share without limit by solving your starting cash issues
  • Finance new orders as they come in, whenever you need to
  • No loss of equity
  • Payment insurance on your customers at no cost to you
  • Fast cash

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