Small businesses are growing in number every day, and what they lack in discounts and selection, they make up for through personality and uniqueness. While big box-stores dominate the industry, small businesses can offer the invaluable aspect of intimacy with their customers, meeting with them personally to discuss their individual needs. It is important to remember that while the big brands have the advantage of wide customer base, small businesses have many other more personal strengths, one of which includes the ability to connect through social media more quickly and with better knowledge of the products. Keep in mind the strengths of your small business when refreshing your social media, and customers and clients will flock to you.

Here area few social media tips to help you along your social media marketing campaign.


Consistency is key in all things, and social media for small businesses is no different. Be sure to minimize the differences of your online and in person persona, as inconsistencies can cause confusion. Never underestimate the details your customers may notice, so be sure you and your social media marketing and promoting are on the same page. Consistency is the most important component of any campaign, and is always at the top of our social media tips lists.

Time Budgeting

Because you are already the owner of a small business, chances are you understand and are well adjusted to managing your time efficiently. Social media may take some time to get used to, especially if you are unaccustomed to it, and will require regular monitoring and updating which can take time that you may not have. Fortunately, there are several programs that can help with a lack of time by scheduling posts at a time of your choice. These sites include Hootsuite and SproutSocial, which can make managing a business and social media account a breeze.

Platform Choice

It is incredibly important to consider your audience before deciding on a specific social media platform. For example, many younger people tend to frequent Twitter, so therefore you could alter how you present information based on their personal values and appreciation. Regardless of how good your marketing strategy may be, if you are selling to the wrong audience, you will never succeed. Do a  little research and say attention to the diversity of your client base, and tailor your posts differently on different platforms to achieve the best results.

Improve through Monitoring

Another one of our top social media tips is to consistently watch and analyze your results. Watching your social media profiles to see how customers react is an important part of understanding what they want. Track the likes, comments and shares of your business, and be sure to respond to those in need of answers or guidance in relation to your products or services. Be sure to remember that even negative comments are not a  bad thing; they offer feedback, and publicly resolving any issues a person may have gives your business a good name.

Add Value

Keep your clients interested by adding value to your interaction and business. Because small businesses have the upper hand over bigger businesses through personal customer interaction, you can listen to the needs of your customers, and figure out a way to solve their problem. Give your clients what they want and need, both online and in person, by practicing the 80/20 rule: 80% of what you promote should benefit the customer, and the other 20% can be about your business. Understanding that small businesses are unique gives you the ability to express that through social media, which can lead to huge benefits.

If your small business needs a social media update, consider these key ideas on how to hook your clients and keep them interested. Set up and refresh your social media today, and your business’s success will be apparent.