Knowing that you have a great company and great products to offer the world can be a wonderful thing, but it will not get you funded. In order to receive serious financial backing from potential investors, what you really need to do is establish powerful branding for your company. And the most proven method for establishing branding that sticks in the minds of investors and consumers is through the medium of storytelling. Here’s how it all works.

Define your brand

The first step toward building up powerful company branding is to nail down exactly what your company is all about. The three components specifically which tell everyone else what your company is about are the following:
• Who is your company? – What do you stand for, and what is your business mission?

• Identify your target audience – Specifically who are your customers, what are their needs and desires, and how does your product fulfill those needs and desires?

• What makes your company unique? – How are you different from the competition, and why would customers choose you over a competitor?

Develop a symbol or a brand identity

You need to have a simple logo which quickly identifies your company in the minds of investors and consumers as a company which represents all those good things you intend to achieve. If you can develop a logo or symbol which is memorable and uniquely identifies your company among all others, as well as those principles that you stand for, you will have gone a long way toward developing a brand identity.

Tell investors about your company through a story

Nothing touches the heart strings or opens the checkbooks as effectively as a well-told story that contains elements of human interest, emotional commitment, and ideals which investors can relate to. When you’re putting your story together, make sure to include lots of visuals, because they are far more memorable than dry facts or statistics.

When you must include statistics in your story, try to represent them in a visual way, for instance via an infographic. This visual story-telling technique will be one of the best ways to get you remembered by investors, and it might just be the difference in getting you funded, as opposed to a competitor.