Running a business can require a lot of time, money and effort. If you’ve managed to build your business credit to a healthy level, it may be important for you to keep it that way. It can be difficult for new businesses to get started in their venture, and then it can be difficult to build business credit, but if you think you’ll need a loan in the near future, here are some ways you can maintain a good business credit score.


You might not anticipate using a lender to secure more funds for your business just yet. You might need funds if your business is struggling, but you could also need them if it’s doing well. You might want to relocate to a larger location or expand your services. Regardless of what you want a loan for, know that a large amount of debt can make it difficult to borrow more later on. It can be in your best interest to only borrow what you need, so you may want to try researching and planning how you’ll use any funds for business growth before you apply for a loan. Once you’re aware of the payment terms of the loan, make sure you stick to them to avoid paying late.


You’ll likely have a set schedule for all of your payments, so keep a record of them if you want to monitor your credit. If you’re interesting in maintaining your business credit score, look for accounts that may be false and harming your score. See that your on-time payments are recorded, and make sure companies you’re paying are reporting your payments so your interactions with other companies are recorded as well. In addition to keeping an eye on the business score, take care of your personal credit. There’s a chance lenders will take a look when reviewing a loan application for your company, or you might want to make other personal investments.


Maintaining your business credit score may not be one of the most fun activities when it comes to running your business, but it can go a long way in helping your company in the long run. If there’s an unexpected drop in income, healthy credit can help you with a short-term loan so you have time to revise your business plan. Healthy credit can also help you explore new business opportunities you’re excited about. If you’re keeping good records and implementing beneficial financial management practices, you should be able to maintain a good credit score for your business.