When we think of creativity at the office, we often think of employees as the main influence, however, it is important to understand that the physical space of our offices can also significantly impact this. Workspaces have not always been constructed with people in mind, and rather with a focus on work and production which can end up stifling employees and their ability to embrace innovation. By offering spaces that can foster creativity, we can look to provide healthier, more innovative environments.

Make It A Priority

By making space connect to the company’s greater mission by creating spaces that reflect the function of the work, are indicative of employee wellbeing or environmental impact choices. Whether this is through the physical layout or furniture or decorative choices, there are many ways to make these connections. Your employees will likely appreciate that the company makes a greater connection to the physical space, and reflects the values in all areas of the work.

Spaces for All

When designing or reviewing and restructuring spaces, it is important to understand that employees have different needs and different work styles. By offering a variety of spaces, quiet spaces to focus, collaborative spaces and social spaces, you can indicate to employees that this space can function in different ways for any employee and any type of work. Being intentional with how space is configured can signal to employees that the work goes beyond just sitting at a desk and allow them to embrace creativity.

Be Cognizant Of Noise

While many companies are moving to embrace more collaborative approaches, it is often important to also provide spaces where people can sit down and focus. Therefore, being cognizant of communal spaces, noise in the space and ways to support focus based work is key. By reducing distractions in focus spaces, you can provide employees with the physical environment they need to be productive.

Choice Is Key

In today’s workforce, employees are becoming more and more aware of where they thrive. Providing options to employees on where they work is a key component to satisfaction, as the needs of the employee and functions of the work often look very different between employees. By offering a variety of choices, you can signal to your team that you support their ability to thrive and be productive in the way that best suits them.

Today’s employees are often well aware of the environments where they thrive and can be their most creative selves. It is key to offer your team the physical space that best meets their needs so that they can embrace a creative and innovative approach.