When you’re a business owner, life is busy. However, being a workaholic isn’t exactly a healthy lifestyle. Constant stress and demands on your time add up–you might miss out on important moments with family, cause health problems, or even eventually trigger a breakdown.

That’s why a healthy work-life balance is so important. And as the boss, there are things you can do to encourage a healthy relationship with work among your staff as well. Here are a few.

1. Keep things in perspective.

Speed isn’t the only metric that matters, and if your team burns out working 16-hour days, they’re not going to be as effective over the long term.

2. Don’t let your company be short-staffed.

Hire enough employees that you can afford to let people take time off. Life happens, sickness happens, snow days without childcare happen. Your employees will need days off, as well as longer periods of vacation time to refresh their minds. But if you’re short on staff and situations arise where an employee can’t come in, it could grind operations to a halt.

3. We’re only human–health is all we have.

Studies have shown time and time again that stress and sleep deprivation are terrible for our bodies and brains. Don’t run yourself into the ground just to reach business goals a little faster, and don’t let your staff do it either. Not only is it bad for health; it also decreases productivity and motivation over time. Encourage your team to set reasonable hours instead of creating a culture where overtime is the norm.

4. Don’t over-burden your top performers.

Unfortunately, it’s often the case that when employees demonstrate competence, they are given an unfair share of the work. Unless they want extra responsibilities, this is only punishing them for being efficient workers.

5. Invest time into examining your own relationship with work.

Do you tie work and success to your identity? Do you believe that setting aside time for recreation and relaxation is wasted time? Dig into where those beliefs come from so you can change your thinking.

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