With the commercial construction business booming, individual businesses are scrambling to keep abreast of growth, and many are gearing up to meet the increased demand by making equipment purchases, and seeking the right financial partner to help shoulder the weight of that growth. When you’re looking for a good candidate to be your financial partner in commercial construction, here are some tips to guide you through the process.

Assess the customer base

One sure way to tell that a financial lending firm might be a good partner for you is to assess their customer base. If they’ve worked with some of the really big players in the market, that should be considered a plus – assuming that the lending firm has truly added value for them. It’s a fairly simple matter these days to find customer reviews and testimonials online, and these can be quite informative about prospective partners. Such unsolicited commentary is often the best assessment of a company.

Experience in your industry

Another good recommendation for a lending partner would be that the company has actually worked with others in your industry, and has prior knowledge of it. That could be very helpful when you’re trying to explain business conditions and situations that you need to react to. If they have worked with others in your industry, familiarize yourself with their equipment leasing programs and gain an understanding of what they have to offer.

Do your homework on a lender candidate

Before you partner with any lender, you’ll need to know that they do have the manpower and infrastructure to help you with your business goals, rather than act as a drag on your own resources. It would be to your advantage to inquire about their paperwork requirements, length of application turnaround time, and how their processing system works. Before you shake hands, make sure you know exactly who you’re shaking hands with.