Leasing is enormously popular among businesses of all types—and for good reason. If you’re wondering whether equipment leasing, rather than buying outright, is the best option for your company, take a look at some of the top advantages.

Why Equipment Leasing Makes Sense for Businesses

When you opt to lease the technology, tools or equipment needed to run your business, you can enjoy: 

• Improved cash flow: Lease your company cars, software or other equipment and hold on to your cash. Invest the ready cash in expanding to other regions, adding new lines of business, conducting research and development, or marketing your company.

• Zero down: Look into often-available 100 percent financing when you lease your equipment.

• Flexible equipment leasing terms: Opt for custom repayment, with the smallest payments that are feasible for your business goals. Set up payments that fit well with your seasonal income and/or cash flow changes.

• Package deals: Consider bundling equipment delivery with professional installation and expert maintenance–for simplicity and convenience.

• Consistent interest rate: Beat inflation with “locked in” lease rates for the entire term.

• Frequent upgrades: Leasing makes it simpler to refresh your equipment regularly, so that you’re always using the latest, state-of-the-art technology and business equipment.

• No-fuss asset management: When leasing equipment, your financing firm can essentially manage your equipment leases. This can include up-to-date inventory and asset allocation, disposing of obsolete equipment, assessing the timing of buyouts, and bringing in the most advanced options at the ideal time.

• Potential tax deductions: Leased equipment may count as overhead (tax deductible), rather than a valuable purchased/owned asset. *

• Favorable balance sheet: Lease payments are generally considered business expenses, rather than long-term debt. *

• Excellent ROI: Before you’ve paid a cent for your equipment lease, the leased tools are making money for your business.

Equipment leasing is a smart business strategy. Get the financing you need to lease equipment for your business. Contact Bull Market Capital Lending today.

*Consult your business and tax advisors about your specific situation.