When it comes to patents, they are complicated. If you need to register a patent, you may need to consult an agent about it. Business law is always complex and if you aren’t familiar with the legalities surrounding patents, then an agent can only help you.

What Is a Patent?

When you invent something, it is a patent. You need to claim ownership of your invention to protect it from use from someone else. If something is new and useful, you are able to patent it. However, the regulations behind it may be complex and difficult to understand. The U.S Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO regulates the whole process.

What Is a Patent Agent?

Patent agents register patents with the USPTO and help others register patents. In order to become a patent agent, a person takes an exam. In order to sit for the exam, a person must have a scientific background and education. They need to be able to prove technical training. The education has to be, at the very least, a Bachelor’s degree. Often a patent agent specializes in a particular area.

Do You Need an Agent?

Changes are happening in the patent world all of the time. There are complexities in the business law side that you need to be aware of. The changes to patent laws change the process. If you aren’t aware of these laws, you may not apply correctly or your patent may not be accepted. It’s better to have an agent to help you figure out how to navigate the process. With the advent of the internet, patents have become even more complicated. Internet patents are common and disputes become common because of it. It can be hard to figure out what’s patentable.

Is an Agent an Attorney?

Some agents might be attorneys. Now, you don’t have to have a law license to practice. The registration with the USPTO is what matters, not the law degree. However, it is possible for an attorney to be an agent.

How Do You Find an Agent?

If you need an agent, there are lists of patent agents that you can get from the USPTO. You just need to enter the search criterion and you can find someone. If you don’t want to weed through the laws or if you’ve never dealt with patents before, it’s important to have an agent.

When it comes to patents, they’ve only grown more complicated. It’s difficult for everyday people to keep track of business law and complicated patent regulations. This is where an agent comes in handy.