If analyzing the overall productivity of your small business has left you frustrated, you’re not alone. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, up to 70 percent of employees in the United States are not performing to their full potential. On a national basis, although working hours have increased, the general assessment of productivity has gone down. Here are some suggestions on optimizing your small business productivity.

Use the Right Tools

As a small business owner, you are concerned with using the limited amount of personnel you have in an efficient manner. It makes sense to always be on the lookout for time-saving technology that frees them to focus on the tasks only they can perform. Whenever you come across repetitious and time consuming work, search for tools capable of doing it for you. Utilizing such technology is undoubtedly a significant aid to business productivity.

Make Your Time Count

Many employees who come in for an eight hour work day do not make efficient use of their time. They may focus on business productivity for four or five hours, but often the rest of the time is filler. Consider focusing their efforts by adopting a five-hour workday. Concentrate on activities that generate the most productivity for the effort expended, and eliminate lengthy lunch breaks and superfluous meetings. This allows employees more down time outside the office, which refreshes and energizes them so that they perform at their peak when they are on the job.

Optimize Your Personnel

It is important to not take it for granted that employees are fully focused on their work, performing at peak efficiency, and communicating well with their colleagues. Consider investing in personal development programs. These give personnel the opportunity to fine-tune their attitudes and communication skills so they can enhance their workplace behavior and increase their contribution to business productivity.

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