“People make a business.” You may have heard this saying once or twice as a business owner, and that’s because it’s true. The right team of people can make your business, but the wrong team…well, it can break your business. To make sure that your team is comprised of the right mix of people, use these tips for building successful business teams:

Evaluate Expectations

It’s not only important for your team members to know what you expect, but it’s also important that you understand what they expect. Though you may have done a thorough job in creating the position summary, expectations go far beyond the job role itself. Talk to team members about what they expect to get out of working with a team and what you can expect them to contribute to the collaboration efforts.

Focus on Building Common Skills

Though it’s unrealistic and even counterproductive for every one of your team members to possess the same skills, it doesn’t hurt for employees to have a core set of skills, such as communication, problem solving and conflict resolution skills. Abilities such as these can help ensure that your team members communicate and work together effectively so as to avoid any type of “blame game.”

Address Unique Talents and Contributions

The most successful business teams have several different talents on staff, each of which make unique and innovative contributions to the company. Don’t let those contributions go unnoticed. Applaud creative efforts and exceptional results, as doing so can build the esteem of team members and push every member—whether or recognized or not—to work harder so as to earn recognition.

Do Teambuilding Exercises

There are dozens of companies out there that offer team building exercises for businesses that range in size from small, ten-person teams to large, multi-department corporations. Find an organization that specializes in business of your size and schedule annual or even quarterly sessions of teambuilding activities. If you don’t want to hire another company to plan the event for you, ask someone in HR to plan a day of activities that require teamwork to be completed.

Celebrate Accomplishments

Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. The most successful business teams have leaders who know when it’s time to work, and when it’s time to step back, relax and just enjoy one another’s company. Plan a continental breakfast, or set up a party in the meeting room. Do a little something to show your staff that you appreciate them and that they deserve a break every once in a while.


Every business team does things a bit differently, the most successful focus on collaboration, building common expectations, unique contributions and celebration. Build a successful business team today, and put the tips above to use.