It doesn’t matter what your primary business is, customer service is essential to your ultimate success. The satisfaction of your clients will determine whether or not you will receive repeat business, good reviews, and be able to grow long-term. Since customer service is so important, you probably want to avoid some common mistakes. Here are several errors that you should avoid according to some top customer service experts.

 Too Much Automation

Automation is beneficial in some areas, but not all. Sometimes when you automate, you take the personal touch away from your company’s operations, which is what gives you a customer service edge. Clients should be able to contact you several in ways because some prefer online communication while others prefer to speak with a live voice on the phone. Give them that choice.

Not Listening to Clients

Don’t always assume that you know what the customer wants. Your employees should be fully trained in active listening, so they are more apt to handle client requests accurately.

Being Reactive Instead of Proactive

Instead of waiting for something to go wrong and taking care of issues when they arise, be proactive instead. Determine what could possibly go wrong with your products or services and work to head off issues before they occur.

Not Valuing Customer Service Staff

The staff that interact with your customers are some of your most valuable, yet often least appreciated. A better strategy is to put time, attention, and resources into your customer service department so that you receive the highest return on your investment.

Ignoring Your Customer’s Wishes

When customers are upset about a service issue, they will usually let you know. Not only that, they’ll tell you what it will take to resolve the problem to their satisfaction. Provided the requests are reasonable, give customers what they want.

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