Many entrepreneurs don’t have the financing to fund an employee when they’re first getting started. Some of the best business ideas came out of solo-preneurship. Here are some great ways you can get started as a business owner without needing to pay for help:

Business Idea #1

Freelancing is a great way to launch a business. You can often start by working on evenings and weekends finding clients. Once you have a solid network built up, you can quit your day job.

Business Idea #2

Offer chore or errand service for baby boomers and seniors. Routine chores are often a grind for overworked families. This business can be started in no time.

Business Idea #3

Become a personal trainer. You’ll have to be a fitness guru in shape, but with so many Americans trying to get or stay fit, it’s an open field.

Business Idea #4

Become a special courier service for your community. People live so far from each other these days. Offering delivery to your neighbors, a loved one who lives across the country could have a hot meal delivered to their elderly aunt every night or special flowers sent on their birthday. You would need a website and a Paypal account.

Business Idea #5

Health coaching is another lucrative business avenue. Many people need someone to help them stay on track with their fitness goals and weight loss.

Business Idea #6

Be a business coach. Put your years of experience to work by passing it on to others. Help small business owners and entrepreneurs put together business plans or provide motivation for someone.

Business Idea #7

Micro-brewing is becoming popular. Small craft breweries are having more success than ever before. You can start your own brewery in your garage or barn with just a few supplies.

With the right business idea, you can quit your day job and enjoy an entrepreneur’s life. Bull Market Capital: Business Funding Solutions is here to help your business find creative ways to fund your business ideas. Call us for more information.