Commercial property loans are crucial in adding real estate to your portfolio. If you are running a real estate business and would like to expand or renovate and you do not have enough cash, then you should get a commercial property financing. Before investing in commercial real estate, it would be prudent to focus on the basics of commercial real estate financing. This piece will provide information regarding commercial real estate loans.

How They Work

In essence, commercial real estate loans act as mortgage loans. They are secured using liens on the commercial property that you are purchasing. Liens are legal rights of a property owner given to the creditor and act as collateral for the payback of the commercial property loan. Liens offer your loan provider protection against default payments. When taking commercial property loans, be ready to make down payments on those loans. Most reputable commercial loan lenders will require you to make a down payment of about 25 percent on loan.


There are various kinds of commercial real estate loans and they include SBA 504 loans, SBA 7a loans, traditional bank loans, online loans as well as hard cash loans. SBA 504 loans are backed by SBA (Small Business Administration) and favored by most lenders. They are ideal for large investment projects like those with a value of more than $1 million. 7a loans are suitable for small commercial real estate projects. Acquiring SBA 7a loans is easier and quicker than other financing options in the market. If you have a strong credit score (more than 680), you can obtain commercial property loans from traditional banks. When looking for a quick solution in commercial property financing, you can opt for hard-cash loans or online loans.


You should examine your credit history before applying for a commercial property loan. Ensure your credit history does not have foreclosures, recent bankruptcies, and tax liens. Moreover, ensure your loan-to-value ratio is low and set up a business entity before filling in the application. What’s more, you should organize your paperwork and include every document needed for the application.

Interest Rates

The interest rates of the commercial property loans may be variable or fixed depending on the type of loan you need. However, most commercial property loan lenders have variable rates because of the massive amounts of borrowed loans.

Before applying for commercial property financing, you should examine your needs; for instance, how fast do you need the loan, and how much do you need? With that, you are likely to make an informed decision on the ideal type of financing.