Embracing environmentally friendly business practices has many advantages. Both customers and employees understand and support the importance of an earthy-friendly business model. While making drastic changes has a visible impact, small changes are just as necessary. Your customers look to see how your company protects the environment. Take a look at how your business can be more eco-friendly today.

Perform an Audit

You can hire a sustainability expert to examine your current workflow. They can review your facilities to determine how to make your building more energy efficient. They may suggest you use LED light bulbs, invest in water-saving appliances, or replace windows. Many also calculate your facility’s efficiency.

Buy a Dishwasher

Discourage single-use products by installing a dishwasher and providing washable dishes, utensils, and cups. You will keep plastic waste from landfills and save your employees money. Operate the clean out the dishwasher daily so that employees have access to clean dishes.

Invest in Reusable

Your office has several opportunities to reuse. While some items may be cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses, it is easy to find ways to save money while limiting how much goes into the landfill. Be creative and invest in:

  • Rechargeable battery stations for wireless mouse batteries
  • Solar charging stations for laptops and cell phones
  • Recycled ink and toner cartridges for your printers
  • Refillable ink cartridges for ballpoint or gel pens
  • Recycled office décor and furniture from local thrift agencies

Use Plants

There are benefits to live plants in an office building. Plants filter the air, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide and toxins in the office. Reduced indoor pollutants help employees stay healthy. Use native plants for exterior landscaping. Because native plants thrive in your environment, they demand less water, fertilizer, and maintenance than imported species.

Conserve Water

In addition to saving energy, look for ways to limit water consumption. Install water-saving faucets and toilets. If you own a manufacturing facility, look for ways to recycle water used for cooling equipment. Collect rainwater to water landscaping.

Gift Generously

Evaluate your holiday gift-giving. Instead of gifting physical items to clients, contribute to a non-profit agency. You are not only helping an organization, but you are also decreasing the environmental impact of shipping.

Buy Smart Products

Programmable devices decrease your utility costs. You can protect the environment and save on utility costs by installing:

  • Thermostats that automatically adjust the temperature during non-working hours
  • Motion-detecting lights that turn off when no one is in the room
  • Computers that reduce energy consumption when not operating

As a business owner, recognizing your responsibility toward the environment should be a part of your business model. With a few changes, you can reduce your environmental footprint.