Savvy individuals can make an impressive windfall by investing in commercial real estate. One key to reaping enormous rewards from this discipline is picking properties with sizable profit potential. The flip side is that buying the wrong ones could be calamitous. Here’s a brief examination of some options that may help you zero in on wise real estate purchases.

Office Buildings

These structures are the most popular form of commercial investment property. They come in three different classes, each with distinct characteristics.

Class A office buildings are those that have recently been built or renovated. They’re also in desirable locations with attractive amenities. These qualities make them easier to rent and require little preparation to bring to market.

In comparison, Class B structures tend to be less expensive. However, you’ll need to put in a bit of effort before yours may be presentable. That said, these spaces provide an opportunity that could prove lucrative.

Class C investments need plenty of work and reside within undesirable areas. Usually bought as redevelopment projects, only seek one if undertaking major construction upgrades appeals to you.

Industrial Complexes

These spaces are ideal for manufacturing plants and storage facilities. Conversion to a use different from its original purpose is often possible. This flexibility can be a huge advantage. When one strategy fails, pivoting can redeem the situation.

Multifamily Units

Here’s what you want if being a landlord seems appealing. These structures can be as small as four residences and as many as 100. There are many types of loans on tap for residential units, with widely varying terms and rates. Study what’s out there to verify you’re getting a solid deal.

Retail Properties

Buildings often become available for purchase when a company goes out of business. As such, they tend to be located in densely populated areas. The steady stream of potential customers makes them particularly desirable for incoming ventures. The downside is that a new owner might have to make significant renovations to match the company’s needs. Commercial entities desirous of such spots include banks, restaurants, and clothing stores. Essentially, any brick-and-mortar shop benefitting from heavy foot traffic would want one.

Getting into commercial real estate could be the wisest decision you’ll ever make. Succeeding in the game, though, requires selecting buildings with inherent worth. Research your investment before moving forward. The knowledge you gather will help assure the decision you’re making results in a prosperous outcome.