Successful entrepreneurs understand that building a startup company is more than just developing and implementing a great idea. A successful startup begins when you and your cofounder consider your company’s culture early in the planning stages of the venture. Following are a few things to think about as you establish a strong culture for your business.

Company Values

A successful enterprise is based on successful relationships – business-to-vendor, customer-to-employee, or owner-to-owner. When you can identify how those values look, you can make educated hiring decisions. Employees that meet those standards are an important first step to success. For example, if creativity and innovation are part of your core values, seek out recruits that have exemplified those traits in their professional and personal life.

Employee Benefits

Employees remain with employers for reasons other than their pay and insurance package. Consider other ideas that make your company stand out as you build your recruiting and retention strategy. When interviewing applicants, ask employees what they consider satisfying non-traditional benefits. Soe inexpensive benefits include allowing pets in the office, sending personalized thank-you notes to employees and offering flex-time options for employees.

Role Models

Think about your family, friends or co-workers for characteristics that you admire in their personal life. Many of these traits can be implemented into the company culture. If your sister fosters dogs, you may be inspired to look for signs of empathy in future hires.

Customer Expectations

The standards that your competitors set or your customers anticipate are crucial to identify. Building these expectations into your company culture will ensure that your business thrives. Think about a recent experience you had with a business that you or your cofounder found ideal. Maybe, the barista that always asks for the add-on sale inspires you to demand boldness in your employees.

Corporate Goals

Your company’s short- and long-term goals are critical to defining your company culture. Ensuring that your employees believe in those goals and will work toward them is important to the success of your business. For instance, creating seasonal office decorating challenges encourages your employees to collaborate and build more successful marketing campaigns.

Establishing a strong and well-defined company culture will allow you and your cofounder to build a sturdy foundation for your startup venture. Taking the time to identify those values that you want your company to exemplify will all you to develop the best recruitment and retention techniques to have the most successful team.